Solutions: Forecasting share prices with AI-powered supercomputer

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The company’s latest solution is OKANE.MY, an AI-powered forecasting platform hosted on A.D.A.M. Launched in May last year, the platform can predict market movements at least five days in advance. It is able to analyse and forecast the price movements of all the stocks on Bursa Malaysia’s Main Market and selected counters on the ACE Market and Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP).

Malaysian Supercomputer Beats United States Air Force

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Twistcode Technologies Sdn Bhd has created a supercomputer that is able to compete on a global level, landing at 88th place as the most powerful supercomputer in the world, according to the latest results from the High-Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark project, with the United States Airforce trailing behind at 89th place.

Twistcode Technologies letak Malaysia di peta superkomputer dunia

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Twistcode baru-baru ini menduduki tempat ke-88 pada High Performance Conjugate Gradient, senarai yang bertindak sebagai pelengkap kepada penanda aras High Performance LINPACK, yang kini digunakan untuk membuat penarafan ke atas 500 sistem pengkomputeran utama (TOP500).

Twistcode aims for sales of RM100 mln this year

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With the boom in artificial intelligence and big data, local supercomputer builder and assembler, Twistcode Technologies Sdn Bhd, is aiming for revenue of RM100 million by year-end.

Changing business landscape with supercomputers

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A supercomputer is a type of computer that has the architecture, resources and components to perform massive computing power. Today’s supercomputers consist of tens of thousands of processors that are able to perform billions and trillions of computations per second.