About Us

We started from accelerating things up. We built a supercomputer. Now we can't stop. Except to speed things up.

Twistcode® is founded in 2006, specialized in supercomputing and has its own self-assembled GPU-based supercomputers to facilitate its own services and solutions.

Nurazam Malim

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nurazam Malim, founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Twistcode Technologies Sdn. Bhd. since 2006. He started with BASIC programming since 9 years old, studied electronics and electrical engineering at Chiba University, Japan. He also have a huge crush with encryption and parallel computing.

A team of 20,
passionately twisting the code

We're not the best when we're alone, and we're not the best when there's no one to compliment with. We trained ourselves to be the best in everything, because Twistcode® is not about just one person. It's about something else and everything in between.