We Twist.

Algorithms, applications, repetitive processes.

We Code.

Serial to parallel, from CPU to GPGPU.

We Accelerate.

From normal speed to ultimate speed.

Accelerated Devices Always Massive

We built and assembled our own GPU-based supercomputer to accelerate genomic data processing, rendering, deep learning and artificial intelligence, finance, scientific and engineering simulations; all in one-platform.

Scalable, high-performance computing, cost-effective.

computation cores

peak single-precision

storage size


13th December 2018
We will be one of the main sponsors for EAGE Workshop On Big Data & Machine Learning For E&P Efficiency on 25-27th February 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More details are here, and please register here as the seat is very limited. See you there.

12th November 2018

We will be at Harbiye Military Museum & Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey for Malaysia Tech Transfer Showcase from 14th November to 15th November 2018. But we are already here in Istanbul for business trip and can contact us at [email protected].

We will be also in Daegu, Korea for Daegu Global Robot Business Forum 2018 and will showcase automation in robotics using artificial intelligence, from 13th November to 17th November 2018. Do look and find us at the venue.

10th November 2018
We are upgrading storage servers and https://data.genome.my will be offline for quite some time. We will announce its availability once it is completed.

9th November 2018
We will have a first-time ever event, TT's Day 2018 (or Twistcode Technologies' Day), to show current developments, roadmaps and some demo on things that we do on 29th November 2018, at Zenith Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Please register yourself at TT's Day Event.

As seats are very limited, the confirmation will take some time and we will email the confirmation the soonest possible.

26th June 2018
We will make the data.genome.my online again on 1st week of August 2018 after doing some upgrading on servers.

1st June 2018
We have upgraded few hardware on our servers, such as NVIDIA Quadro GV100s and Titan Vs, along with InfiniBand 100G EDR to enhance the network significantly, and supports our services greatly.

13th November 2017
We will participate an exhibition during the Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference and Exhibition 2017 event at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia on 20th and 21st November 2017. Click here to register.

24th October 2017

We are now at NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence's event in Singapore. We are very honoured to be invited by NVIDIA, and do visit our booth for more info.

24th October 2017
We've re-opened back our data.genome.my - the biggest genomic datasets in South East Asia. Download it for free, share it, and make good things about it.

Our Services


    Twistcode® is founded in 2006 and specialized in supercomputing and has its own self-assembled GPU-based very high-end servers to facilitate its own services and solutions to clients ranging from compute processing acceleration and artificial intelligence in healthcare, finance, oil & gas, cybersecurity, safety and automation (robotics).

    We twist codes for life.



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