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    We're going for an ICO (initial coin offering) outside Malaysia starting today. Read for more info on Twistcode Token (TCDT)

Developing solutions using latest technology in different industries.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Twistcode® Artificial Intelligence(AI) solutions involved a wide range of applications in the fields of healthcare, oil & gas, finance, safety, manufacturing and engineering industries. We help business enable AI in their existing system and drive profitable results with the tools we provides.

AR & VR Application Development

Twistcode® provide Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) solutions that can visualize important information, 3D data, animation and graphics in an immersive environment which can assists businesses in planning, designing, deployment and maintenance.

High Performing Computing

Accelerated Device Always Massive (A.D.A.M) is the fastest supercomputer in Southeast Asia and has its own self- assembled GPU-based very high-end servers to facilitate its own services and solutions to clients to ranging from compute processing acceleration and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Accelerating solutions via high performing supercomputers.


We built and assembled our own GPU-based supercomputer to accelerate genomic data processing, rendering, deep learning and artificial intelligence, finance, scientific and engineering simulators; all in one platform.


Computation Cores


Peak Single-precision


Storage Size

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Entrepreneur Insight

Twistcode Technologies Sdn Bhd has created a supercomputer that is able to compete on a global level, landing at 88th place as the most powerful supercomputer in the world, according to the latest results from the High-Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark project, with the United States Airforce trailing behind at 89th place.

Berita Harian

Twistcode baru-baru ini menduduki tempat ke-88 pada High Performance Conjugate Gradient, senarai yang bertindak sebagai pelengkap kepada penanda aras High Performance LINPACK, yang kini digunakan untuk membuat penarafan ke atas 500 sistem pengkomputeran utama (TOP500).


With the boom in artificial intelligence and big data, local supercomputer builder and assembler, Twistcode Technologies Sdn Bhd, is aiming for revenue of RM100 million by year-end.

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