The fastest supercomputer in Malaysia.

We twist codes for life.

We Twist.

Algorithms, applications, repetitive processes.

We Code.

Serial to parallel, from CPU to GPGPU.

We Accelerate.

From normal speed to ultimate speed.

Accelerated Devices Always Massive

We built our own GPU-based supercomputer to accelerate genomic data processing, rendering, deep learning, scientific and engineering simulations; all in one-platform.
Scalable, high-performance computing, cost-effective.

computation cores

peak performance

storage size

speed bump

Our Services

WWW.GENOME.MY is an accelerated bioinformatics services that can process and compute conventional data processing and analysis from few days or months to just few hours or days.

Fantastic for bioinformaticians, researchers and anyone who need speed in bioinformatics.
WWW.SIMULATION.MY is our service that covers two part; deep learning and simulation. Our latest and high-end infrastructure lets us do complex deep learning processes currently on mammography, diabetic, financial and genomic data.

On simulation, we can accelerate engineering and scientific solution such as crash simulation, computational fluid dynamics, seismic and few other stuffs.
WWW.RENDER.MY is our accelerated rendering services. Since our servers are GPU-based and we did some accelerations on rendering processes, it is very suitable for animators and designers.
WWW.SORA.MY is an online storage services which specifically made to store bioinformatics data, such as genomic data, analysis results and so on. It also works to store other types of data and backups, if you want to.


twistcode® is a high performance computing solution provider company, based in Malaysia. Created and own the fastest supercomputer in Malaysia, we aim to accelerate solution through our services.

We twist codes for life.



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