AI with A.D.A.M. Supercomputer

The only AI company in Malaysia with self-assembled A.D.A.M. supercomputer - the fastest in Malaysia


Diversifying AI, Supercomputing

Diversifying AI, Supercomputing

We aim to be national leader in supercomputer and leading provider for AI services in the region
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Who We Are

At Twistcode, we are developing Enterprise AI across multiple domain. From engineering, healthcare to finance and many more.
With our diverse background, we help bridging your data and intelligence to your business.
We are making Practical AI for you!

Our Advantages

Delivering supercomputing power to cater your business needs

ADAM Supercomputer

Ranked 88th fastest in the world in 2019 - HPCG Benchmark

AI & Data

Localize AI model


Responsive to technology and market trends

Our Key Team

At Twistcode, we are building and manage skilled deep-tech engineers

MyraChief AI
AdhwaChief DevOps

About Us

Since 2006, we advocates acceleration and AI as a service as our core, with persistent vision to commercialize any R&D's as the main vision of Twistcode.

Our background varies from programming to engineering with constant desires not only to be the first of anything high-tech in Malaysia, but also to be the best in everything we do.

Why Us?

Because we're awesome, work 4-day-work week, constantly have extremely high learning curve on mutil-verticals that needs us to solve it, to settle it.

15 Years of Experience

14 years ago, we advocate parallel computing in Malaysia when it was relatively new, even until today. Plus, we do AI.

Best of Both Worlds

We accelerate the data output, store it locally, and we do AI. The faster we can train, the faster we can increase the accuracy.

Our Own Supercomputer

Our A.D.A.M. supercomputer was at 88th in the supercomputer world ranking - the only AI company that own a supercomputer in Malaysia.

Scalable Missions, Visions

Every single R&D won't be wasted. Integrations throughout all services. Imagine the possibilities. Simplified solutions.

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Accelerated by our own self-assembled supercomputer, our services are limitless - from engineering, healthcare, finance, manufacturing etc. These are the outcomes from having a supercomputer. And there's more to come.


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