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Malaysian Supercomputer Beats United States Air Force

Twistcode Technologies Sdn Bhd has created a supercomputer that is able to compete on a global level, landing at 88th place as the most powerful  supercomputer in the world, according to the latest results from the  High-Performance Conjugate Gradients (HPCG) Benchmark project, with the  United States Airforce trailing behind at 89th place.

The supercomputer nicknamed A.D.A.M, is the fastest supercomputer in Southeast Asia, being the only ASEAN entry amongst the other 151 supercomputers ranked in the HPCG.

“Malaysia is always striving to be the top in healthcare, airforce, tourism, etc. We also need to be the top in supercomputer as well,” said Nurazam Malim, Chief Executive Officer & Founder for Twisecode Technologies. “I urge all other Malaysians to be involved in this space. The parts listed can be easily be bought off from retail shelves. If I can do it, so can other Malaysians as well.”

A.D.A.M consists of parts such as T-MARIA, Intel i9-7940X 14C 3.1GHz, Infiniband EDR and NVIDIA Titan V. All the parts of the supercomputer were self-sourced and self-built by the team behind Twistcode Technologies.

Twistcode is part of the Hong Leong Innovative Exchange initiative, and A.D.A.M has been utilised for genomic data processing, rendering, deep learning and artificial intelligence, finance, scientific and engineering simulations.

The full list of HPCG rankings can be viewed here:

Original Article: Entrepreneur Insight