Liquid Submersion Cooling Servers (18 September 2021)

    We would like to announce that we are starting our R&D for submersible liquid-cooling designs for servers, to be used for our own supercomputer as a start and towards commercialization for portable high-end server solutions for our federated machine-learning and edge computing/workstations that eliminates the need for extra costing to cool down the high-performance servers.

    This also inline with our roadmap to implement green initiatives inclusive of lesser carbon footprint usage, using renewable energy and towards a better climate-change strategy. As computing-power needs' are forever increasing, we see these are the only way to go forward.

    All computational fluid dynamics' computation power will be powered by our supercomputer, and will use our own machine learning to assist. Commercialization expected to be commenced at the end of Q1 2022, post patent filing and quality assurance/validation by SIRIM Berhad.


    4-Day Work Policy (16 July 2021)

    Due to lockdowns, uncertainty in Malaysia and we're having quite stressful level of staring at monitors for longer period than usual, we will implement the 4-day work policy which the working day will be from Monday~Thursday, from 0900hrs to 1700hrs starting from 23rd July 2021.

    The policy will be implemented indefinitely, until further notice. This is to ensure Twistcoders have enough time to rest, and spend more time on other things as well. Salaries won't be affected by this measure. Supports to clients will be as-best-effort-basis. We hope this will bring more out the best of Twistcoders.

    Stay safe.

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