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about twistcode®

Twistcode® is an acceleration-as-a-service and AI-as-a-service company based in Malaysia, founded in 2006. It is the only AI company in Malaysia that owns a self-assembled A.D.A.M. (Accelerated Devices Always Massive) supercomputer - the fastest in Malaysia and ranked 88th in the world supercomputers High Performance Conjugate Gradient HPCG in June 2019.
2006 – Twistcode® founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2007 – Advocate high-performance computing (HPC), CUDA
2012 – Certified & validated (No.QSF01-254-08) by SIRIM as the only HPC company
2013 – Managed to do human genome assembly in 3 days using 1 GPU
2016 – Signed MoU with Malaysia Genome Institute
2016 – Business Startup Fund from MTDC
2017 – NVIDIA Inception's member in AI for healthcare, finance
2018 – Self-assembled A.D.A.M. supercomputer, fastest in Malaysia
2019 - Won the Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of Revenue
2019 – A.D.A.M. ranked 88th in the world supercomputer
2019 – Launched (stock prediction tools)
2019 – Launched (3D rendering services)
2019 – AI vs Human Breast Cancer Detection Competition (
2020 – Launched (online storage services)
2020 – Launched (HPC as a service)
2021 – Launched (online hibah services)
2021 – Blockchain-As-A-Service (
2021 – AI-As-A-Service (
2022 - Cybersecurity Insurance-As-A-Service (
2022 – Digital-Healthcare-As-A-Service



Nurazam Malim (Founder, CEO)

Mohd Amir Fawwaz (CTO, COO)

Mohammad Syuhada (CIO)

Mira Syahirah (Chief AI)

Muhammad Nur Adhwa (Senior/Lead Full-Stack)

Norsyazwani Syahirah (Senior Business Development)

why us

why twistcode
Twistcode is the only company in Malaysia that do AI and having its own supercomputer at the same time. Therefore, all data are residing in Malaysia ( for AI, genomic analysis/computation, blockchain-as-a-service etc.

As we have our own supercomputer, utilizing the cloud that resides elsewhere is no longer a question, and cost management is within our tight grasp. As more entities value data privacy and cost-effective b oth storage and computation, Twistcode is the best choice to do AI/ML, and integrating those with blockchains.

The only choice.

problem statement

what's the problem with
Expansion size of storage, backups, archiving with increasing cost

3rd party storage framework
Depending on FileCloud for front-end, administration.

Increasing and alarming threat of cyberattack, ransomware

Data privacy policy
Forever-increasing regional data privacy, data retention act in each country


how to solve
Self-assembling hardware, components - saves up tp 65% costing compared to well-known brands/vendors. Backups, achiving - using Kubernetes to spawn, manage and backup images/instances on different servers/clusters.

3rd party storage framework
Developing own front-end, based on Laravel and Maria DB.

Collaborating and appointed by CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) as Marketing Sales Partner (MSP), utilizing Malaysia's cybersecurity agency's best practices.

Data privacy policy
Implementing and enforcing Malaysia's Personal Data Protection Act (2010) in all operation. is already the only Malaysian-based online storage services that utilizes AI/ML and using blockchain at the back-end for &, and this service will expand to facilitate and adhere to regulations and laws of Malaysia.


Twist Cloud Storage Solution is equipped with a modern state-of-the-industry encryption and secure transfer protocols to keep your files safe. We offer multiple access options for data accessibility from anywhere. We protect your files and make them available to your needs.

twistcode token

ecosystem and utilities
What is Twistcode Token
  • Utility token with universal access
  • State-of-the-art cloud storage platform
  • Free 5GB storage for all users
  • Support service and system for DeFi
  • Community-powered development
  • Blockchain-as-a-service (coming soon at

twistcode token

Token distributions will be made accordingly based on the amount of participation or purchase. A liquidity pool will be available after the Token Sale Event.

The tokens can be used for services or utilities immediately after purchase. If you prefer to hold on to them, there will be mining and/or farming rewards with additional tokens.

We value the community's input on how these tokens can be staked for better governance and further growth of our services.

twistcode token

token sale event
7 October 2021




twistcode token

how to purchase
1. Go to

At "select a token", copy and paste TCDT token address


3. Click "Connect Wallet" and it will link you up with your wallet to start the purchase.

twistcode token

Twistcode token community will receive a reward indicatively at 6% APY. This will be partly funded by the transaction fees on our platform and other fee-generating community activities that will be placed into a reward pool. Details on the rewards date(s) will be released in due course.

The rewards are intended to be a loyalty incentive to the community to continue growing our support system for DeFi and using our services.

twistcode token

terms for TCDT
Thank you very much for your interest in the TCDT token and we value your support to grow this community service. Please read the following carefully.
  • These terms and conditions apply to all uses and purchases of TCDT
  • TCDT tokens have a future use expected only as a utility token for the
  • TCDT tokens do not represent the ownership of any physical asset. While they are fungible, they are not refundable.
  • The participation in the sale of the TCDT token must not have any expectation of benefits, dividends, capital gains, financial performance or any other return, payment or income of any kind.
  • The purchase of TCDT token may carry substantial risk that could lead to a loss. There is no guarantee that TCDT tokens will always have or maintain value within the ecosystem of the
  • TCDT tokens are not guarantee of any kind, and do not represent any right to vote, manage or share the profits of any entity. You should not buy TCDT for any speculative purposes.
  • Please do your own research or seek independent advice before proceeding.
  • If you want to start using our services, you will have to register and be bound by the terms of use.
  • Please refer to more terms of use and purchase at
  • These terms are valid as of the date of the Token Sale Event and are subject to updates.

Please note that once you participate in the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) or buy the TCDT tokens, you are bound by these terms.

twistcode token

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