Ajlan: Supercomputer setup by Twistcode in Saudi Arabia (29 Aug 2022)

On 29th August 2022, Twistcode® officially signed an MoU with Saudi Arabia's conglomerate Ajlan & Bros Holding Group, witnessed by Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, at Ritz Carlton Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

The MoU, is for Twistcode® to setup a Top 20 fastest supercomputer in the world and a business joint-venture in Saudi Arabia, with investment approximately USD$200 million. The dual-mode operation of the low-carbon footprint supercomputer - supercomputing as a service and AI as a service, will cover and capture the market of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's and Middle East North Africa's respectively in various vertical.

This will also to enhance and to accelerate Saudi Arabia 2030's vision significantly. The commencement of work will start in Q4 2022. Twistcode® would like to thank Ajlan & Bro Holding Group very much for their trust,, and Twistcode® are looking forward to execute such given tasks the best it could.

More details here

AI: Breast Cancer (23 June 2022)

Our Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer will have a Facebook Live session to talk about AI: Breast Cancer - There's Something We Could Do.

Date: 23 June 2022
Time: 1030-1100 HRS (+0800 GMT)
Venue: Facebook Live (

Stay tuned. Is Top-10 Finalist in Cohort 3 FWD & 1337 Ventures (28 May 2022)

Twistcode is proud to be part of Overview Sdn Bhd's achievement with's hibah online as a service.

As eHibah's platform was developed and is powering up by Twistcode which totally hosted by us locally, we'll continue the journey together towards the combination of implementation of AI + blockchain.

As Twistcode has its own sets of unique services, it is in nature we'll assimilate the latest trend and tech into ehibah, and we'll make it as dandy as possible for a-thousand-years of law to be widely used in the modern world - affordably, efficiently and trustworthy.

Thank you Overview Sdn Bhd for trusting us.

5 Days In Advance Cryptocurrencies Pricing Prediction (22 May 2022)

Finally, the 5-days in advance price prediction for cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC) is up and running.

For limited-time preview (2 days prediction), you can register and view it there.

Like always, your decisions by using this site is solely on your own, your own responsibility.

Go to

Free preview 2 Days In Advance Cryptocurrencies (14 April 2022)

We would like to announce a free preview version of 2 days in advance cryptocurrencies' pricing prediction, with 60% accuracy (and increasing). It is accessible at or

We will release a paid version of 5 days in advance in few days time.'s cryptocurrencies prediction

TWIST.MY is upgrading (26 March 2022) (our online storage as a service) will be upgraded heavily for the next couple of weeks, expected to be online before 1st May 2022. It's a long overdue upgrade.

We actually does not promote much of our online storage because, let's face it - it is a very capital intensive. Any usage will incur more cost to us actually, but we know - where to put those data for any data produced? And who are the totally-purely local player that offer storage-as-a-service without using foreign/oversea's player/cloud?

As each nation moves towards silo's data retention policy, Malaysia is not excluded, and as much as we lauded the move (like any other nation), a major upgrade on our side is inevitable.

Therefore, we apologize for any inconveniences occurred, and we hope the next iteration of will be better than it is now.

Thank you.


Emerging Innovator Award in MCY 2021 (10 March 2022)

Dr Siti Azma Jusoh
Twistcode has won Emerging Innovator Award in Malaysia Commercial Year 2021 by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

We would like to thank MOSTI and Malaysia Technology Development Corporation for their trust in us.

We will keep on innovating, for years and beyond.

Thank you.

Molecular Dynamics Simulation Services (27 February 2022)

Dr Siti Azma Jusoh

Most drugs these days, Covid19's vaccines included, are results of using supercomputers. Be it molecular dynamics simulations or utilizing bioinformatic tools, drug discovery via supercomputers are the way forward.

Twistcode® today announced an appointment of Dr. Siti Azma Jusoh, a molecular dynamic simulation expert, to be part of our healthcare journey for drug discovery initiatives. Her expertise and combination of supercomputing-know-how from Twistcode®, hopefully would craft a new path of advanced bioinformatics in Malaysia, and perhaps in the region.

Her bioinfo:

Dr Siti Azma Jusoh is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and master’s degree in Genetics from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. In year 2006, she pursued her PhD in computational biology under the supervision of Prof. Volkhard Helms, a biophysicist at the Saarland University, Germany. For her PhD project, she studied the structure and function of virus membrane proteins mainly using molecular dynamics simulations. In 2014, she spent 2 years working as a postdoctoral fellow mentored by Prof. Rommie Amaro at the University of California San Diego. During the postdoctoral training, she worked on the application of molecular dynamics simulations in drug discovery.

Currently, her research focuses on using structural bioinformatics methods such as protein modelling, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations to understand the function and behavior of biological molecules for applications to drug discovery and genetic mutations.

High-Performance Computing As A Service, HPCaaS (22 February 2022)

We happily announce the availabiliy to the public of a taste of a building-blocks of our supercomputer through High Performance Computing As A Service (HPCaaS). The offering is bare metal, not virtualization. So it's a full speed ahead.

Who is it for?

1. Scientists
2. AI Engineer
3. Video editor
4. Bioinformaticians

..and more.

Heads up to for more, and RM7,999.00 for limited time only.


TPB2030 (5 December 2021)

Twistcode® has been appointed by TERAJU ( to be part of Bumiputera Economic Transformation Activities (BETA) in Defense and Security category for 10-years programme. Sounds heavy, but we'll try what we could.

The official launch will be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 6th December 2021 by Malaysian Prime Minister Dato' Sri Ismail Sabri. More details at

Quantum Computing (1 October 2021)

We are exploring and adventuring into a more deeper kind of computing and next logical step for us to advance further : quantum computing. As we are in the best position to do quantum programming by having a supercomputer and heavily involved in AI/ML, such prerequisites are significantly pressuring us to start at the earliest possible to be involved as per what other entities in other countries are anticipating heavily at the moment.

Our focus would be (but not in any particular order):
1. logistic optimization
2. renewable energy optimization
3. weather forecast optimization

Our physicist cum CTO Amir Fawwaz will lead and updating the progress through his article at the blog section.

This move is to ensure our roadmap can be executed accordingly. The quantum programming part will be a long-term project, but expected to bear the fruits in 15-18 months time. And this will be the main key to produce another supercomputer of ours : H.A.W.A. - Hybrid-Accelerated Weather Advancement.

Liquid Submersion Cooling Servers (18 September 2021)

We would like to announce that we are starting our R&D for submersible liquid-cooling designs for servers, to be used for our own supercomputer as a start and towards commercialization for portable high-end server solutions for our federated machine-learning and edge computing/workstations that eliminates the need for extra costing to cool down the high-performance servers.

This also inline with our roadmap to implement green initiatives inclusive of lesser carbon footprint usage, using renewable energy and towards a better climate-change strategy. As computing-power needs' are forever increasing, we see these are the only way to go forward.

All computational fluid dynamics' computation power will be powered by our supercomputer, and will use our own machine learning to assist. Commercialization expected to be commenced at the end of Q1 2022, post patent filing and quality assurance/validation by SIRIM Berhad.


4-Day Work Policy (16 July 2021)

Due to lockdowns, uncertainty in Malaysia and we're having quite stressful level of staring at monitors for longer period than usual, we will implement the 4-day work policy which the working day will be from Monday~Thursday, from 0900hrs to 1700hrs starting from 23rd July 2021.

The policy will be implemented indefinitely, until further notice. This is to ensure Twistcoders have enough time to rest, and spend more time on other things as well. Salaries won't be affected by this measure. Supports to clients will be as-best-effort-basis. We hope this will bring more out the best of Twistcoders.

Stay safe. (13 April 2021)

We would like to announce an official launch of - an online gift services for Muslims, which Twistcode is the technology provider with Overview Sdn Bhd for this purpose. It is the first hibah online services in Malaysia that utilizing a total-locally-hosted services and using blockchain at the back-end.

We hope that it will evolves that adapt and adopt the latest tech in finance, inclusive of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and many more to come. Use now!


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