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Accelerated it, enhanced it.

Variant Call Format

Anything related to VCF tools, we made it fast.

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Accelerated de novo assembler


Accelerated DNA Sequence Alignment Software


24th October 2017
We re-opened our Data.Genome.My back, the biggest genomic datasets pool in South East Asia. We're refreshing datasets from EBI and NCBI. Download it for free, share it, make good out of it.

Why Us?

We are fast, way more faster than conventional services. We shifts the computing to GPU for bioinformatics tool, and make it work and scalable on our self-assembled clusters that work seemlessly.
Artificial Intelligenece
As we received the results from accelerated bioinformatics tools faster & speedier than normal speed, we can feed these data to our artificial intelligence framework so that the magic works faster. So without acceleration, artificial intelligence will look less intelligent.
Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence works beautifully when it comes to analysis and prediction, but when it comes to biosciences, there's plenty of things that has yet to be discovered. Most of these undiscovered things are just sitting in front of our eyes.

And this is where our deep-learning framework comes into the picture, and as the process runs at the same GPU-clustered servers, we can do the training and inferencing at very high speed so that connecting dots that sits blindly in front of our eyes can be made easier, faster and accurate.


USAIN BOLT is the FASTEST man in the world!

Not only in sports,Everything need to be Fast! Including in Research mainly in Bioinformatics