Analysis, Prediction, Autonomous

Why Us?

Our People
Our team are consists of young and enthusiastic people in finance and banking, which intends to make mistakes, which are actually very valuable to us. They will keep on making more matured mistakes, and this will make our next step very easy.
Deep Learning
Life is a lesson of mistakes and triumph, and as our finance team making more matured mistakes, they're actually giving a very invaluable input to our deep-learning framework to make more accurate analysis and higher accuracy in predictive; in stock prediction for example. The best way to learn is from our mistakes, ironically.
Autonomous Finance

From deep learning, we are training it to be a fully autonomous remisier, for example. Not only it can act based on analyzed expected/unexpected sentiments, but it also can act on its own so that the market will act on it.

We are now at 75% accuracy on 24-hours-in-advanced prediction, and we're in the midst to increase it to 95% accuracy on 120-hour-advanced prediction in few weeks time. And it'll act on its own, just like driving a car.


24 November 2017
We are at 75% accuracy, 48-hours in advanced stock value prediction on one of the Malaysian public listed company.