About Us

Our Story

We started from accelerating things up. We built a supercomputer.

Now we can't stop. Except to speed things up.
When we use a single graphic card to compute a Velvet assembler (bioinformatic tools) solution officially in 3 days instead of 4 months (using 512-CPU cores), we knew there's more work to do and doing own-supercomputer is a must.

And when the era of AI comes in, it conveniently enough to sit on our supercomputer and do wonders. Two wonders on the same infra actually - to accelerate and to artificial-ize almost everything.

We have to do more R&D, we have lead things that we do now. Not because we chose to, but we had to. With great power, comes with great responsibility.

And that is what Twistcode® is all about.

Meet Our Team

We're not the best when we're alone, and we're not the best when there's no one to compliment with.

We trained ourselves to be the best in everything, because Twistcode® is not about just one person. It's about something else and everything in between.

Business Advisory Team

Mohamed Reezan Mohd Fadzil - Terminal X (https://terminalx.work)
Rafe Azsnal Ropee Adman - SkyMind (https://skymind.ai)
Tom Hussey - Terminal X (https://terminalx.work)