We Twist.

Algorithms, applications, repetitive processes.

We Code.

Serial to parallel, from CPU to GPGPU.

We Accelerate.

From normal speed to ultimate speed.

Accelerated Devices Always Massive

We built our own GPU-based supercomputer to accelerate genomic data processing, rendering, deep learning and artificial intelligence, finance, scientific and engineering simulations; all in one-platform.

Scalable, high-performance computing, cost-effective.

computation cores

peak performance

storage size

speed bump

Our Services


We offer accelerated-bioinformatics services for resource-intensive analysis such variant calling, sequence assembly, and differential expression. Delivering results in shorter clock runtime.


Ranging from finance, seismic, engineering and predictive data simulation, we can twist the codes and accelerates it for faster output.


Naturally, since our self-customized servers are GPU-based clusters, we can render things very fast.


We are focusing deep learning for omics data, nutrigenomics and towards personalized medicine. From accelerated tools to produce faster results, these will enhance and improve the accuracy significantly higher on deep learning solutions on healthcare.


Using deep learning framework, we are able to mimic remisier on low frequency trading, which eventually will behave and act fully like a remisier. Our mission is to be able to trade, analyze and act towards market's sentiments.

Detect and Recognize

We deploy deep learning framework on visual's detection and recognition via Microsoft HoloLens, integration of data from multiple resources, analyze and detect any pattern or sentiments, and finally let users to manipulate the results in real-time to see predictive results. All this is possible from accelerated tools that we've made, we've twisted.


twistcode® is a high performance computing solution provider company, based in Malaysia. Created and own the fastest supercomputer in Malaysia, we aim to accelerate solution through our services.

We twist codes for life.



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