Bare-Metal Servers

A revolution in process and performance. Ready to use bare-metal servers with 100% dedicated hardware and GPUs that provides high performance computing power and reliability.

GPU-based bare metal servers

Accelerate your machine learning

Use the world's most powerful Volta-based graphic card NVIDIA TITAN V GPUs for training and inference of deep neural networks. Solve deep learning tasks several times faster with cloud-based GPU computing from Twistcode Technologies.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Solve tasks that require large computing power using cloud computing on the GPU. Reduce research time and wait for results by launching high-performance cloud computing from Twistcode Technologies.

Graphics rendering in the cloud

Significantly speed up server-side graphics rendering with the most powerful Volta-based graphic card NVIDIA TITAN V GPU. Up to 4 GPUs are available for each node to further accelerate your task.

Cloud Rendering


GPU-based cloud computing will take you to a new level of performance and significantly reduce the time spent on data processing, while saving company money.

Accelerate your solutions

Reduce the time you need to solve problems in the field of deep learning, graphic visualization and high-performance computing from days to hours. It doesn’t matter whether you train neural networks, solve complex design tasks or do advanced research.

Fastest network connection

We use 100Gbps EDR InfiniBand network connected between nodes to cater intensive computation processes that involves big and huge amount of data.

Bare-metal access

Harness the power of the nodes directly without any virtualization. Virtualization limits the actual speed of the nodes, especially when there’s multiple users using the same node. Baremetal access takes off the ‘plastic’ virtual machine feeling and gives the actual unprecedented speed of the hardware itself. It is for your access, you alone.

Scalable computing

Scale computing power as your business needs grow. GPU servers from Twistcode Technologies allow you to instantly increase productivity without the need to purchase additional expensive equipment.

Top of the class performance
  • 59.6
    teraflops single-precision
    teraflops double-precision
    teraflops half-precision
  • 44.7
    teraflops single-precision
    teraflops double-precision
    teraflops half-precision
  • 34.02
    teraflops single-precision
    teraflops double-precision
    teraflops half-precision

Access to NVIDIA GPU Cloud Containers

Providing your data Scientists with all the necessary and relevant applications has become much easier due to the compatibility of the Twistcode bare-metal cloud GPU servers with the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) containers .

Thanks to NGC, you no longer need to spend hours installing and deploying all the necessary software. At the same time, applications will always be updated to the latest version and optimized by NVIDIA specialists, which will further increase your productivity.

Configuration & Price

T-Maria I

Equipped with 14-Core Intel® Core i9, 4x NVIDIA TITAN V and 64GB of RAM. Our most powerful configuration available.

  • 48GB of HBM2 GPU memory
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Linux 64-Bit @ Windows 10



T-Maria II

Equipped with 14-Core Intel® Core i9, 3x NVIDIA TITAN V and 64GB of RAM. Intermediate configuration.

  • 36GB of HBM2 GPU memory
  • 1TB NVMe SSD
  • Linux 64-Bit @ Windows 10



T-Maria III

Equipped with 6-Core Intel® Core i7, 3x NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti and 128GB of RAM. Basic, but still powerful enough to fulfills your needs.

  • 33GB of GDDR5X GPU memory
  • Linux 64-Bit @ Windows 10



– Additional storage is available on-demand

– All prices are displayed in USD.